The Right Car Audio System For You

Kenwood Ddx372bt Double Din Bluetooth In Dash DVD Am FM ReceiverRegardless of your car audio listening habits: broadcast radio, satellite radio, or CDs, finding the desirable speaker combination for your automobile will make your car audio experience a positive one. Finding the right system may take some effort and research, but it will be worth it. Improved components which add greater functionality of car audio system means you should keep in mind about certain components. These components are speakers, sub woofers, tweeters, amplifiers, iPod adapters and more.

Audio Speakers

Speaker approaches are vital because they are the units that actually reproduce the sound from electrical energy.

The right speakers for your vehicle audio equipment are extremely critical, considered that they are reproducing the actual sound from the stereo itself. When buying speakers, only consider the higher end. Here is what you should know, and what to look for:

First, let’s start with the types of speakers that you’ll encounter in the car audio world.

A woofer is a large speaker which will reproduce the lower frequencies. The mid speaker is, as its name implies, a medium-sized unit which reproduces the middle frequencies. And the tweeter is small and will reproduce the higher sounds.

A sub woofer will give you another dimension in bass: they reproduce the lowest spectrum of the sound. And there is also a super-tweeter which will give you the highest sound in the spectrum.

When you buy speakers, you may be actually buying a “package” of speakers, encompassing some or every one of the above. Or, you could purchase them separately.

There are other variations of these speakers available as well. If the vehicle and your car audio system sees a lot of use as well as wear and tear, then buying higher quality components is a great idea.

There are many factors that must be considered in placing the speakers in the correct position. Basically, they split music signals into separate frequency ranges and sends them to speakers that are designed to best reproduce each frequency range, you can vary the crossover points and adjust the level of separate speakers to achieve the most reliable overall sound in your vehicle.


Amplifiers are devices that take a teeny tiny audio signal from a pre-amp, some power from your battery, and pass it on as a big audio signal to drive speakers. To get the cleanest sound, it is absolutely vital to have as much power as you can afford. It delivers power with clarity.

Factory fitted radios (standard fit radios) before had relatively low power outputs of about 3 to 5 watts. Compare this to after market radios where the basic models start at a power output of 45 Watts x 4.

By providing a maximum power of 45 watts, they belong to the class of highly efficient amplifiers that are up to 90 % power efficient. It makes some of the most efficient use of power when compared to other amplifier classes.

Audio Components

A car audio unit is a combination of components for example head units, amplifiers, speakers, and auxiliary input devices. A word of advice: if you are supposed to be buying new car audio system from an after market dealer, make sure you see the box, the price and installation materials before the company installs your car audio system. With this you are assured of getting what you paid for.

If the quality of the car audio system in your vehicle is important to you, make sure to consider these ideas. A number of us spend a great deal of time in our cars & trucks. It is worth the effort making sure you get what you want.